Monday, 23 April 2012

Some things

I have just been made aware that the Baroque recitative I've written is very Romantic. I did borrow a short chord progression from Fauré, which should perhaps have alerted me.  Quite a large proportion of it is in tempo (arioso), so I need to write some simpler stuff for marks. So, the first Romantic recitative? Still, with a bit of re-scoring, I can use some of the material in an instruments-only section at the beginning.
Take that, Middleton!
On Saturday, there were Morris Dancers in Chamberlain Square (central Birmingham) and some knights on REAL horses. Something about a bloke called St. George, I think. My Romanian friend Teo does some, and was wearing a magnificent hat.
I've done a bad sketch (on poor-quality lined paper) of the monument in the square; if I ever get around to doing a fair copy, I'll attempt to scan it and past it on this blog, as well as deviantArt. The other picture is of the square still in sunlight, with a backing of dark clouds that followed me home and dribbled periodically. They then presented me with a wonderful double rainbow (all the way across the sky, I'll have you know) as I arrived at my front door. I've got a picture of that too. When I can be bothered, I'll write a post about my trip to France with my choir. I had much good bread and pastries and cheese and coffee and and and other foods, and enjoyed myself immensely.
Now I'm going to go away and compose a Minimalist Cantata for cornetto, viol d'amore, bazooka, and big band. Possibly also with a beatboxer, if just for the alliteration.
Later: Feeling a little anxious (and hungry), I've come to a coffee shop to relax, but there are people talking quite loudly, so I'm just more agitated now. I'm not going to bother logging on to a computer to rearrange the photos, y'all'll (you all will) just have to deal with a photodump at the bottom.
Much Later: On second thoughts, I've gone and rearranged this thing, becau- OH, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, STOP ADDING TO THI-