Thursday, 7 February 2008

A Lenten Time

My piece in the Chinese New Year concert on Monday went reasonably well, or at least, as well as could be expected. Having finished off that piece, I've been relaxing slightly - obviously a mistake, for I found out yesterday that a singer I'm accompanying in a Lieder Prize has prelims next week, for which we have to do two songs... and a large amount of 'stuff' is piling up in the beginning of March. Having realised this today, I decided to get in some practise, but didn't do very well, which was disappointing.

Yesterday I sung in an Ash Wednesday service. I was in a relatively somber mood, and felt encouraged to think what I might give up for lent. I don't usually eat much in the way of chocolate, but I do enjoy baking (anything from biscuits to cakes), so that is certainly a possibility.
A while ago I heard something which made me think. Why not take something up for lent? A duty, perhaps something that would help someone else. I suppose you could think of it as giving up your time, which is a very valuable gift.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

First lines...

And hopefully not last words!

I though I might start a blog to see if anyone might be interested in whatever random stuff I blurted out. This could include any number of the following: vague and perhaps somewhat humorous anecdotes; interesting sites I have found either myself or through StumbleUpon; rants upon the stupidity of authories (or anything I feel like); excited burblings about my latest music event (or horror stories of same); perhaps even some spiritually enlightened comment about an experience I've had (if you're lucky :-P ).

Who knows, maybe no-one will ever read it! But if someone does, and this is you, I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, first interesting thing happening: tomorrow evening at College, I am performing in a Chinese New Year concert. The piece is a crazy modern piano duet that is reasonably difficult (read - bloody hard) so I'll be up at dawn to practice tomorrow.

Well, I've spent long enough on this post, so I'll finish up for now. If I think of anything else I'm desperate to add, I can edit it later.

Tata for now,