Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Cometh!

Well, that was the last day of term! Although it felt suspiciously free, owing to not actually having any classes on Friday. I woke up to the blare of the block doorbell - someone trying to give me a package! I leapt out bed, donned a fleece in a panic and dashed to the door in case the 'someone' tried to take my package away... but the dude was waiting, so I eagerly gathered up my 'stocking' (Santa works in wonderful ways), and capered back to my bedroom, where I gloated over my prize. It was even labeled "From: S. Claus". I was considering putting up a picture, but then decided against it as most of the pic was taken up by MY ADDRESS IN BIG LETTERS which may not have been the best idea.

I've had the brilliant idea of actually sending a Christmas present to (among other people) my godparents and a grandpa in London, rather than just the thank-you letter that usually finds its way into a postbox around February. I've got some biscotti in the making which I shall package well, and send off to various lucky people. It is in fact cinnamon and sugar biscotti, and I am very grateful to Joy the Baker for posting this fabulous recipe in... umm... January? Oh well.

The uncut log
 The first time I made this recipe, it was for the Birmingham Conservatoire Camerata during our tea break, but I misjudged how much the recipe would make - i.e. I ate quite a few bits during the process - and was forced to cut the pieces in half to ensure everyone got a piece. They all enjoyed it, which was good. Can't for the life of me remember what we actually sang during the rehearsal though...
I made a biscotti tower... straaange person that I am
I am an ardent stumbler and have just happened upon the mathematical doodling videos of Vi Hart, incredible pieces of work and great fun to watch. But now I must leave all you (invisible, nonexistent) lovely people and go to bed, as tomorrow I am getting paid to sing carols in Nottingham - whoop, the moolah!